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  • Are your bandages latex free?

    You bet they are. We know allergies aren’t easy so we’re happy to say our product is not made with natural rubber latex

  • Do you test on animals?

    Ointments - Our Welly First Aid Ointments are never tested on animals.

    Bandages - Bandages are required by the FDA to be tested for bio-compatibility, a fancy way of saying it’s ensured to be safe when applied to your skin. This biocompatibility testing is required to be conducted in a humane way with animals, which is essentially the same as putting a bandage on an animal. Welly takes every measure to assure this is done in the most humane way possible.

  • Are you vegan?

    The bandages are not made with animal-derived components. Ointments are made from animal-based ingredients.

  • Are there any allergens in your product?

    Ointments - We do not have any known allergies in our Welly Ointments. Our Bravery Balm and Bravery Balm + contain an antibiotic, Neomycin Sulfate, which some people are sensitive too.

    Bandages - We do not have any known allergies in our Welly bandages and all of our bandages are latex, sesame oil and gluten free. All bandages are silicone free except our Comfy Covers. Our adhesive is an acrylic adhesive that is safe for human contact, which means it’s been tested for sensitivity and irritation.

    Cross-contamination of dairy (milk products), eggs/ peanuts/ tree nuts( except coconut) and sesame seed are very unlikely due to the allergen cleanses at our facility.

  • Are your bandages biodegradable?

    Wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately, the adhesive that needs to be on bandages is not biodegradable.

  • What kind of products do you have?

    Oh, let us count the ways you can get Welly. Right now we have 25 unique items. From flex fabric bandages, first aid kits with bandages and ointments, a toolkit, individual ointments and even bandages designed for your fingers and toes. You can find our complete selection on, or

  • What kind of fabric is this?

    Our flex fabric bandages are made from medical device grade polyester fabric, which sound super high tech doesn’t it? The exterior is made of polyester. This synthetic fabric is super soft, stretches when you apply it and flexes with your every move.

  • Why are your standard bandages shaped the way that they are?

    Don’t they look just like a skateboard? But we didn’t make them just because we love to roll around Minneapolis. We designed them to move with you, and removing the hard edges allows for a more comfortable fit.

  • Do you have products for kids?

    All of our bandages and ointments can be used for kids and the kid at heart. However, we did make these fun Monster & Rainbow bandages that we think our littlest adventurers will particularly love.

  • What makes the Comfy Covers / Delicate bandages special?

    The Comfy Covers are made with a special silicone based adhesive, which provides gentle adhesion suitable for delicate skin.

  • What makes the Undercover Agents / Hydrocolloid bandages special?

    They seriously feel like they should be called the Magicians, don’t they? These clear bandages keep water out, and your skin’s natural moisture in. Allowing for the ideal healing environment that is protected from the elements.

  • Are waterproof bandages really waterproof?

    These bold bandages are designed to stand up to your water activities. The exterior is made of polyurethane.

  • How do I apply the waterproof?

    Our Waterproof Bravery Badges do require an extra step but we think they’re worth it. To apply, peel the backing paper and apply directly over clean, dried skin. Next, peel back the blue tab and remove the top backing film. Press gently on the bandage to make sure it sticks properly to your skin.

  • What’s special about the Hero Tape / waterproof foam tape?

    We love these DIY solutions. It’s perfect for those times when a pre-cut size just won’t cut it. Wrap your hands after a particularly gnarly monkey bar session, or pre-18 holes. Cut it for the size you need, when you need it. The foam tape allows a little extra cushion that can help prevent blisters from forming.

  • Are blister bandages okay to use on open wounds?

    Yes, they have been sterilized. They will help protect those pesky wounds and allow them to heal so you can get back to your dancing shoes in no time!

  • Why are the Bumper Stickers / Knee & Elbow the shape that they are?

    They allow for maximum coverage and places to stick around your knees & elbows. And they are just more fun that way!

  • Why are the Handy Bandies / Finger & Toe bandages shaped the way that they are?

    Sometimes we don’t cut ourselves in handy locations. The in between my fingers and across my knuckles cuts and scrapes happen way too often. These guys are designed to cover the tough to cover spots. Oh, and the long bandages wrap around your fingers or toes to allow maximum stick. Isn’t it awesome?

  • What does the face bandage do? Is it for acne?

    These little wonders are designed to cover everything from small cuts to the occasional scrape. Face bandages are made to protect, be waterproof and are clear. The face bandages are made with a super absorbent hydrocolloid gel that gently absorbs fluid from a wound or scrape.

  • Can I buy just the bandages?

    Not yet. But...we are always thinking and planning to make Welly even easier to keep around. Stay tuned.

  • Can I buy just the tin?

    Need a place to store those tools, or paperclips? We hear you, we reuse our tins for just about everything. But not, right now you’ll need to grab a tin full of Welly fun.

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